Find your Hungarian export partner easily
The Agricultural Marketing Centre has launched its export development programme in 2021 in order to help Hungarian food exporters to enter foreign markets. As part of the Hungarian Food Business Program, we have created a real-time, online and free-to-use catalogue that categorizes Hungarian food manufacturers and their products, thus making them transparent and easily accessible for those interested in importing. The system has been developed to become a modern, easy-to-use platform in line with today’s IT trends, which provides professional help equally for the Hungarian Food Industry players as well as for foreign buyers.
The following tutorial videos help you to learn how to use the system and how to register.
Tutorial video for Hungarian „SUPPLIERS”
Tutorial video for international „BUYERS”
Tutorial video for „OTHER PROFESSIONALS”

About the software

  • Online, real-time database
  • Contains the profiles of the exporting Hungarian food manufacturers
  • Segmented product portfolio that can be filtered according to several aspects
  • Two-stage registration
  • Once registered, the software is worldwide available with English language user interface
  • Direct internal mailing system

What we offer

  • An online, business facilitator food industry software
  • Free registration / usage
  • Knowledge base for exporting, professional reports
  • Simplified registration and matchmaking possibility for events organized by the Agricultural Marketing Centre
  • Quick download of the country catalogue in pdf format
  • Online, printable database of exportable Hungarian food manufacturing companies and their products
  • Most relevant export and delivery data of the products